The Mosquito SHIELD!!!
Nothing like you have seen or tried before..but you should.

The Mosquito Shield is a Transdermal Application , that once applied begins working withing one to two hours and lasts up to 36 hours. Protecting you from mosquitoes and other biting insects,like ticks , black flies, noseeum's and more...
The need for a better,safer way to protect ourselves from biting insects,so we could enjoy all our outdoor activities, Hiking, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Golf,Picnics,Concerts, Barbecues ..etc.

-Head to toe protection

-Use any time, anywhere and still effective when wet, from swimming, showering or perspiration.

-No smelly spray or residue. No CROP DUSTING yourself or your kids.

-Thiamine(B1) not only is a deterrent to insects but is also and anti-inflammatory agent.

-DEET FREE 100% Natural


-Safe for all ages 1 yr and up

The Mosquito Shield utilizes transdermal technology that has been around since the 70's when the Nicotine patch was first introduced to help those trying to quit cigarettes. Now this technology is used to administer medicines, vitamins and mental and energy stimulation. Why? because it is convenient, effective and takes advantage of the bodies own distribution system the blood stream.

The Mosquito Shield administers 75/mg of B1(thiamine) into the blood stream through the skin  slowly and then the body distributes it and it is expelled back out through your pores.....odorless to us....but to insects there is a chemical reaction that protects you from them and deters them from finding you their next meal. If you do not use an insect protection , you could be exposing yourself to bites, infections and diseases, including:

West Nile Virus
Dengue Fever
Lyme Disease

We urge you to stay on the safe side by wearing appropriate clothing and by using The Mosquito Shield when adventuring outdoors!